Ella is into marriage these days.

First she was going to marry me. Then she was going to marry her mom. Now she’s going to marry each of us; it’s not clear if this will happen concurrently or separately over time.

Last night Ella said, “I’m going to marry you, mom. Then I’m going to marry my dad.”

I said, “your mom and I are already married, so if you and I get married, what does that make your mom?”

“It makes her the grandma.”


A few days ago Ella said, “Mom, will you marry me? Dad, would you please turn on my cartoons?”

I asked Ella what it means to be married. I did not understand her reply. Something about having someone to do all the work around the house. … No, it was a quote from Trish: “This house would fall down around us if you had to take care of it.”

Another time Ella said, “I have nine babies in my belly.”

I suggested she and her mother marry … fast!