Ella loves Madagascar, the movie. People told me that kids will watch the same movie five times a day, every day, for a month. I didn’t believe it. I was reared in the pre-home video days. We watched whatever Disney decided to show us on Sunday nights and we liked it.

Ella has her own mini DVD player, which hasn’t always been helpful (see Road chunks). This sounds really bad, but sometimes she’ll lie on the sofa and watch a movie on her player while I lie on the floor watching a game on TV. It’s mutual inattention. At least we’re in the same room.

There’s a scene in Madagascar where Marty has freshened up his “act” for the people. He takes a big drink and spits it all over several mothers standing by the fence, and the ladies’ kids crack up.

Ella does that. We were walking down the sidewalk at an outlet mall, Ella took a big drink of water and spewed it all out in front of God and everybody. “What are you doing?!” I was incredulous. “Being fresh! Like Marty!”

I wish I could get away with that.