Jenny told me that A Charlie Brown Christmas was coming on TV.

Cool! I love the show. But we missed it. Twice. Somehow, Trish managed to tape it on the old-fashion VCR machine. So I watched it yesterday with Ella.

Ella loved, of course, Snoopy. She loved his dancing, his decorating, his spinning his food dish on his nose.

But I spent most of the movie cringing, expecting Ella to start verbalizing the vernacular of the Peanuts gang.

“Stupid!” “Blockhead!” “We know Charlie Brown’s a loser …” “Can’t you do anything right?”

Lucy punches Linus. Sally steals a tree from “that ugly boy.”

Charlie Brown is still my favorite Christmas show. Linus is the group’s moral center. Charlie Brown is always redeemed.  But I think we’ll put this one away for the rest of the season.