Here’s a belated Bug Fest update: We missed the bee-bearded lady.
No, no, it was fun, even though we missed the entire purpose for going especially since Ella enjoyed it so much. She got to hold a baby honey bee and a couple of caterpillars. We learned about the butterflies we see in our backyard.

Then we stood in line. For an hour. For two bouncy things. One was a bouncy caterpillar tunnel, about 50 feet long. Kids crawled into its mouth, around its gut, up and down a slide and popped out its butt. We stood in that line about 20 minutes before I decided to save us a place in the other line, for the big bouncy room with bouncy toadstools and a giant bouncy snail.

When Trish and Ella got to the head of the caterpillar, Ella wouldn’t go in. She peeked inside, looked around at the other end, and wouldn’t budge. So they joined me in our 40-minute wait for the next bouncy thing. That was fine. I’m the kind of person who extracts great pleasure out of standing between a bunch of strangers in the middle of the day, missing lunch.

Some of my favorite people are the ones who continually look over their shoulders and make faces at my kid, for 40 minutes, without ever actually starting a conversation.

The people I like best are those who talk really loudly about their day and what they’re going to do that night and argue with their kids: “Hey! Hey! Get away from the street! Don’t make me come over there! Get over here right now!” Oh, yeah. I love them. We’re having a cookout soon and inviting only loud, obnoxious people.

Sorry. Sometimes, I’m just not a people person.

Ella loved the bouncy thing, which surprised me a little. She really cut loose and hopped all over the place.

But we missed the bee-bearded lady.

After the bouncy stuff it was time to eat lunch and go home. Naps all around.