Here’s a bit of contraceptive information: Don’t have kids because they won’t let you play with their toys!

Can you believe that?

Last night, Ella wanted to paint. So Trish brought out the water colors, and we laid down an old table cloth over the island and pulled out a big sheet of paper I brought home from work. And Ella starts to paint.

But she’s getting all the paints mixed up. On purpose! I tried to show her how to do it properly, but Noooooooo.

Finally, she took a break, and I got to paint. I asked her if she had anything in mind she wanted me to paint for her, trying to be nice, and she said a snake.

So I start painting this big black snake with blue and red and green stripes, and she takes the paints away! Before I finished! Like they’re hers or something.

What’s with kids these days? Seriously, when Ella started walking around and expressing freewill, it kind of freaked me out. I have stuff. It’s mine. I’m not used to other people rummaging around in it. So Ella would walk into my closet and just take a pair of shoes. Without asking. Or she’d walk into the pantry and grab a box of cereal, as if she bought it. It’s like she owns the place or something. I remind her that the sum of all she owns is zero (except gifts), and I intend to keep reminding her until she gets a job.

We have a lot of cool toys — paid for with my paycheck, thank you — and I hardly get to play with any of them.

But, when I do, it’s a lot of fun. Like that snake. Before Ella ripped the paper out from under me it was looking really cool.