Today my friends Nancy and Mark drove their middle daughter Jenny off to college. I haven’t talked with her today, but I know Nancy has been dreading the event.

“It feels like I’m losing a limb,” she recently emailed.

I’ve told Nancy that I’ll be asking her for a lot of advice over the next 20 years, because she and Mark have three of the best kids I know.

I think it’s great that Nancy and Jenny have a tight relationship, that they want to be near each other. I think with these two it goes deeper than many mother-daughter relationships; I think they really like each other.

I tear up now sometimes already dreading the momentous events that lead Ella off to independence. At the same time, we’re rearing her to be a pretty independent person.

Nancy and Jenny will both do great. And in 2023 I’m going to ask Nancy to remind me I’ve said all this.