Trish wanted to do something special for Ella today, part of trying to distract them both from Trish’s pending job. So we took her to see Ratatouille. Her first trip to a movie theater.

Bad idea.

Overstimulation, from the lobby to the theater to the high rows full of people to the $5 popcorn. A giant screen — big as a house! — in the dark, with sound coming from everywhere.
Once the movie started she was digging the movie, for the most part. She survived the shotgun scene. Then the villain arrived.

Ego, the restaurant critic, filled the screen with his dark, evil presence and his evil voice. Ella left her seat and crawled into Trish’s lap. Then she was fine, until Ego appeared again.

Ella started crying. Right there in her mom’s lap. She must have thought he was going to climb off the screen and snatch her away. Poor kid. Poor Trish, she felt terrible.
Instead of a treat, it was a terrifying experience.  Just in time to leave her alone with a sitter for four days.