My daughter makes me eat Popsicles.

And Fudgesicles.

Lots of them.  Forces me to. Like there’s no tomorrow.

The other day I gave her one, because I’m generous that way, and then I went to get one for myself. When I came back she had eaten most of hers, and said, “here, Dad. Take mine.”

“You don’t want the rest of it?”

“No, Dad. Take this one. You can have it.”

So, I took it.

And then I opened mine.

Then she set the hook.

“Dad, here, give me yours,” she says, and then flashes an incredulous look, as if, I’m going to take a Fudgesicle out of the mouth of a baby, and not return the favor.

The really, really sad thing is this … I’ve fallen for that trick three times now.