Tonight when I came home: “Daddy, we bought you presents today, Daddy.”

“Ummm. I think those are probably for Sunday. Sunday is Father’s Day.”

“No. Come, Daddy. Come. We bought you presents.”

Trish had hidden the presents and locked our bedroom door, which threw Ella into a fit. We got the “I NEEEEED you, Mommy!” bit.

After a few minutes I unlocked our bedroom to change clothes, and when I was in the bathroom I heard a loud “bang!” then another “bang!” When I came out Ella was rummaging through two of Trish’s drawers, which she had pulled out and onto the floor.

She grabbed a handful of something and ran after me. “Here, Daddy. Here. Look!”

“I’m not going to look at them, Ella! They’re for Sunday. I want to be surprised.”

“No, Daddy. Here. Take them.”

I ran downstairs. Ella started crying. Yada yada yada.

Finally, she calmed down and gave up foisting my presents onto me. She came into the kitchen and sat down beside me, very sweetly, her eyes still wet with tears.

“Watch, Daddy. Watch.” She smiled mildly and nodded her head knowingly. “Watch. And socks.”