Duke ran into the woods

And Tiger ran into the woods.

And there are snakes in the woods. little bitty baby snakes. And GREAT BIG SNAKES.

And Duke and Tiger ate the snakes.

And Abby went into the woods.

And I put leashes on them, and told them, “lie down!”

And, and, and there were little bitty baby rabbits in the woods. And GREAT BIG RABBITS in the woods. And Duke and Tiger ate them.

And, and there are bugs in the woods. Little bitty baby bugs. And GREAT BIG BUGS. And they bite me. They eat me.

No, no Ella. We won’t let bugs eat you! And you’re big enough to stop them, too. You just say, “stop it,” and “go away.”


No, I don’t mean you go away. I meant the bugs. That’s what you say to the bugs.


So they won’t bite you.