One thing that amazes me about Ella is that she’ll repeat almost anything we say, and she’ll even say things when we tell her to say it, or when it’s unnesessary for her to say.
I think most kids do this. It probably falls under language development.
But I distinctly remember an adult telling me, “say hello,” and I thought, “why should I? You just did. Isn’t that good enough?”
And when I met someone and an adult when tell me to say my name, I though, how stupid could these people be? Both parties had already said my name. Why would I repeat it? For show? Like a carney trick?
Ella repeats everything.
Trish: I don’t like that over there.
Ella: You don’t like that over there?
Me: Me neither. I’d rather go to Duesseldorf.
Ella: I want to go to Doodledorf.

Something she’s grown very fond of saying lately: “Come on, guys, let’s go! Come on, guys!”
Or “what’s those guys doing?”

I remember when I started saying “guys.” It’s when Jorie K returned to my home town, in East Texas, after spending a couple of years with her mother in Santa Barbara. Jorie was cool. And hot. She was my friend Jason’s sister, and that was a little awkward. And she was a freshman when we were seniors. But Jorie was cool and hot, and she’d lived in California, so when she said that “yall” was for hicks, I immediately stopped saying it. I adopted “guys,” even though I’d spent less than four days in California myself. That was in 1989. Now, having been away from Texas for so long, and missing it so much, I do often say “you all” and when I lived in Maine that was close enough to “yall” that people made fun of me. Now I sometimes “yall.” But then I remember how tan Jorie was.