Ella’s had a slight fever since yesterday morning. She doesn’t have any other noticeable symptoms or an illness, but this morning she said, “My ears are going ‘ding dong’.”


Trish bought Ella an Easter basket and was hoping to surprise Ella with it as a gift. Ella found it.

Ella: What’s this, Mama?

Trish: That’s an Easter happy.

Ella: How ’bout a now happy?


Ella to Trish’s doctor at the end of an office visit:  “Goodbye, lady.”

Sometimes she acts like Carol Burnett, sometimes like Jerry Lewis.


You know how much Ella likes snowmen.

Remember, she tried throwing the big stuffed snowdude over our second-story landing?

Yesterday she identified a different kind of snowman.  A brown one. After surveying her deposit in the toilet bowl. She looks down and says, “Snowman.”

Trish said, “After she got up I looked in, and there was a round one kind of pinched on one end, so, you know, it looked like a snowman.”


Several months ago, during our pre-bedtime routine, I made up a little impromptu song for Ella to pass the time. We only sung it once. I’d forgotten about it. Last week, I heard her sing it. You can make up your own tune, but it’s supposed to sound like a chant in alternating low and high voices, followed by a gospel-like flourish.

“Ella poops Ella poops Ella poops Ella poops ella poops ella poops Ella Poops Ella Poops Elllllla Poops every mornin,’ and it stinnnnnnnks.”