I’ve been thinking about this one.
Whether or not to remain anonymous or use our real names. Oooooo.
I figure, on one hand, I’m protecting my wife and child by writing under a veil of secrecy.
The Internet can be a scary place. Perv-ridden.
On the other hand, so is the rest of the world.
And, on yet another hand, I’ve been writing and publishing under my byline for years. I never really felt threatened when I worked at the paper. On the other hand, I’ll probably be writing stuff here that I might not want some people to connect back to me. On the other hand, that’s never bothered me before! And, on a similar hand, I feel like I’ve been objectifying my wife. To me, she’s more than just sexy. And I’ll stop right there.
So from now on I’ll be writing about my daughter, Eunice, and my wife, Bertha.
Or, my daughter, Evangelista, and my wife, Xena. Or, Mavis and Elmira. Sunlight and Moonbeam. Europa and Asia.