Myowndaughter came into our bedroom this morning when I was getting ready for work and said, “‘no. ‘no, Daddy. ‘no.” Her eyes were alight with wonder. She loves snow.

We recently moved to the South from the far reaches of the Northeast. Last winter, when she had barely turned 1, she would bring us her snow boots, and if she was able to slip out the door she’d go straight to her sled and take off across the yard.

This was the first snow of a very warm winter; it had come overnight and was just enough for a heavy dusting.

When she looked out the window this morning, my Sexywife told me, the first thing Mod said was “‘noman?”

And when the Sexywife came back into the house from the garage, where she tended the dogs, she found the back door wide open, and Mod plopped in a chair on the deck.

“Wasn’t it cold?,” I asked her. “Wasn’t it wet?”
“Noooooooooo,” she said. “‘no on it!”