This is old, but it’s too funny to forget to write about it.

Back around Christmas Myowndaughter, who turned 2 in November, loved this big stuffed Santa and a big snowman, each as tall as she was and much more rotund.

One day I walk out of the bedroom to see that she’s dragged both characters out of her room and onto the second-floor landing (we have one of those two-story foyers that eats up the heating bill). Just as I walk out I see her push Santa over the rail, and she’s laughing hysterically. She grabs snowman and starts to hoist him up. Who is this evil child?! She pushed him up, shoved him over and watched as he went splat! down below, bouncing off Santa’s head.

Of course I watched. It was pretty funny. For a few times. Then I started worrying it might be me one day she’s shoving over the edge.